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Image Scan Time: 2020-06-05 01:10:58
Scanned by Computer: md-2020pp-scanserver-01
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Precinct Style Name: AB1 BS DEM 1
Style ID: 4194305

Democratic Congressional District 6 President of ...
    Michael Bennet (DEMOCRATIC)
    Joe Biden (DEMOCRATIC)
    Michael Bloomberg (DEMOCRATIC)
    Cory Booker (DEMOCRATIC)
    Pete Buttigieg (DEMOCRATIC)
    Julian Castro (DEMOCRATIC)
    Tulsi Gabbard (DEMOCRATIC)
    Amy Klobuchar (DEMOCRATIC)
    Deval Patrick (DEMOCRATIC)
    Bernie Sanders (DEMOCRATIC)
    Tom Steyer (DEMOCRATIC)
    Elizabeth Warren (DEMOCRATIC)
    Marianne Williamson (DEMOCRATIC)
    Andrew Yang (DEMOCRATIC)
    Uncommitted to Any Presidential Candidate (DEMOCRATIC)
Representative in Congress District 6
    Maxwell A. Bero (DEMOCRATIC)
    David J. Trone (DEMOCRATIC)
Democratic Judge of the Circuit Court Circuit 6
    Theresa M. Adams Unopposed (DEMOCRATIC)