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Precinct Style Name: AB1 BS DEM 1
Style ID: 4194305

Female Delegates to the Democratic National ... (Vote for 3)
    Suzanne Sable Beall (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Mary Bierman (Bloomberg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Ismatu F. Daramy (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Sophie Ehrlich (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jessica Fitzwater (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Barbara Goldberg Goldman (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Elise F. Goldstein (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Maureen D. Grayzeck (Klobuchar) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Aesha Greer (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Martha L. Kahn (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Nancy J. King (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Maria Lane (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Angela R. Lowry (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Mary Ellen Mitchell (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Adrienne Oleck (Gabbard) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Arlene Proebsting (Bloomberg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Lily Qi (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Elizabeth S. Stiefvater (Klobuchar) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Tarolyn C. Thrasher (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Venattia W. Vann (Uncommitted) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Linda Wagner (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Myrna Whitworth (Klobuchar) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Karen Lewis Young (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
Male Delegates to the Democratic National ... (Vote for 4)
    Gabriel Acevero (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    David A. Anderson (Gabbard) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Mumin A. Barre (Klobuchar) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Bobby Bartlett (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Ronald A. Beattie (Steyer) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Joseph Brecker (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Christopher DeVore (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Andrew Duck (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Brian Gaither (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jerry S. Garson (Uncommitted) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Brian K. Grim (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Raef Haggag (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jason Ray Hutchison (Bloomberg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Csanad Petru Ignat (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Nickolas A. Jackson (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Daniel Jacoby (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Mark Jafari (Klobuchar) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Roy D. Jaquez (Gabbard) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Larry Kasecamp (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Barry Kissin (Gabbard) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jason A. Malott (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Manuel Martinez Salgado (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Joseph Merchlinsky (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jim Michaels (Bloomberg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Kirill Reznik (Buttigieg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Devang Shah (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Thomas G. Slater (Biden) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Benjamin Smith (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Nicholas L. Smith (Steyer) (DEMOCRATIC)
    William P. Spencer, II (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jayson L. Spiegel (Bloomberg) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Vaughn Stewart (Sanders) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Philip Sunshine (Klobuchar) (DEMOCRATIC)
    James Vaccaro (Gabbard) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Mudit Verma (Yang) (DEMOCRATIC)
    Camber A. Vincent (Warren) (DEMOCRATIC)
Board of Education (Vote for 3)
    Andrea Pilon Artman (DEMOCRATIC)
    David Bass (DEMOCRATIC)
    Rae M. Gallagher (DEMOCRATIC)
    Lois Jarman (DEMOCRATIC)
    Jason "Mr. J" Johnson (DEMOCRATIC)
    Sue Johnson (DEMOCRATIC)
    Dean Rose (DEMOCRATIC)