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Precinct Style Name: AB1 BS REP 1
Style ID: 1

Republican Congressional District 6 President of ...
    Donald J. Trump (REPUBLICAN)
    Bill Weld (REPUBLICAN)
Representative in Congress District 6
    Kevin T. Caldwell (REPUBLICAN)
    Chris P. Meyyur (REPUBLICAN)
    Neil C. Parrott (REPUBLICAN)
Republican Judge of the Circuit Court Circuit 6
    Theresa M. Adams Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
Delegates to the Republican National Convention ... (Vote for 3)
    Wendell R. Beitzel (Trump) Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
    Marie A. Fischer (Trump) Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
    Joeylynn Hough (Trump) Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
Alternate Delegates to the Republican National ... (Vote for 3)
    Barrie S. Ciliberti (Trump) Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
    Jerry DeWolf (Trump) Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
    Luanne Ruddell (Trump) Unopposed (REPUBLICAN)
Board of Education (Vote for 3)
    Andrea Pilon Artman (REPUBLICAN)
    David Bass (REPUBLICAN)
    Rae M. Gallagher (REPUBLICAN)
    Lois Jarman (REPUBLICAN)
    Jason "Mr. J" Johnson (REPUBLICAN)
    Sue Johnson (REPUBLICAN)
    Dean Rose (REPUBLICAN)