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Image Scan Time: 2022-11-15 15:21:16
Scanned by Computer: runner-aq5886kc-project-348-concurrent-0
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Precinct Style Name: 007-018
Style ID: 108

    Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli (REPUBLICAN)
    Wes Moore and Aruna Miller (DEMOCRATIC)
    David Lashar and Christiana Logansmith (LIBERTARIAN)
    Nancy Wallace and Patrick Elder (GREEN)
    David Harding and Cathy White (WORKING CLASS PARTY)
    Barry Glassman (REPUBLICAN)
    Brooke Elizabeth Lierman (DEMOCRATIC)
Attorney General
    Michael Anthony Peroutka (REPUBLICAN)
    Anthony G. Brown (DEMOCRATIC)
U.S. Senator
    Chris Chaffee (REPUBLICAN)
    Chris Van Hollen (DEMOC RATIC)
Representative in Congress District 8
    Gregory Thomas Coll (REPUBLICAN)
    Jamie Raskin (DEMOC RATIC)
    Andrés Garcia (LIBERTARIAN)
State Senator District 16
    Susan C. Lee (DEMOC RATIC)
House of Delegates District 16 (Vote for 3)
    Ariana Kelly (DEMOC RATIC)
    Marc Korman (DEMOC RATIC)
    Sara N. Love (DEMOC RATIC)