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Precinct Style Name: Rep 008-001
Style ID: 35

Governor / Lt. Governor
    Dan Cox/Gordana Schifanelli (REPUBLICAN)
    Robin Ficker/LeRoy F. Yegge, Jr. (REPUBLICAN)
    Kelly Schulz/Jeff Woolford (REPUBLICAN)
    Joe Werner/Minh Thanh Luong (REPUBLICAN)
    Barry Glassman (REPUBLICAN)
Attorney General
    Michael Anthony Peroutka (REPUBLICAN)
    Jim Shalleck (REPUBLICAN)
U.S. Senator
    Chris Chaffee (REPUBLICAN)
    George Davis (REPUBLICAN)
    Nnabu Eze (REPUBLICAN)
    Lorie R. Friend (REPUBLICAN)
    Reba A. Hawkins (REPUBLICAN)
    Jon McGreevey (REPUBLICAN)
    Joseph Perez (REPUBLICAN)
    Todd A. Puglisi (REPUBLICAN)
    James Tarantin (REPUBLICAN)
    John Thormann (REPUBLICAN)
Representative in Congress District 2
    Nicolee Ambrose (REPUBLICAN)
    Berney Flowers (REPUBLICAN)
    Michael A. Geppi (REPUBLICAN)
    Lance Griffin (REPUBLICAN)
    Ellen "EJ" McNulty (REPUBLICAN)
    Dave Wallace (REPUBLICAN)
State Senator District 42
    Jimmy Mathis (REPUBLICAN)
    Zach Tomlin (REPUBLICAN)
    Chris West (REPUBLICAN)
House of Delegates District 42C
    Lyn Mallick (REPUBLICAN)
    Joshua J. Stonko (REPUBLICAN)
County Commissioner District 2
    Kenneth A. Kiler (REPUBLICAN)
    Dave Reese, Sr. (REPUBLICAN)
Judge of the Circuit Court Circuit 5
    Brian L. DeLeonardo (REPUBLICAN)
State's Attorney
    David Ellin (REPUBLICAN)
    Haven Shoemaker (REPUBLICAN)
Clerk of the Circuit Court
    Heather DeWees (REPUBLICAN)
Register of Wills
    Paul G. Zimmermann (REPUBLICAN)
Judge of the Orphans'Court (Vote for 3)
    Margaret Peggy Bair (REPUBLICAN)
    Charles M. Coles, Jr. (REPUBLICAN)
    LaRue G. Lennon (REPUBLICAN)
    Jim DeWees (REPUBLICAN)