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Precinct Style Name: Rep 014-003
Style ID: 48

Judge of the Orphans'Court (Vote for 3)
    Margaret Peggy Bair (REPUBLICAN)
    Charles M. Coles, Jr. (REPUBLICAN)
    LaRue G. Lennon (REPUBLICAN)
    Jim DeWees (REPUBLICAN)
Republican Central Committee (Vote for 9)
    Katherine Adelaide (REPUBLICAN)
    Cathey Allison (REPUBLICAN)
    Colin P. Carhart (REPUBLICAN)
    Richard Collins (REPUBLICAN)
    Fran Flohr (REPUBLICAN)
    Amy N. Groves (REPUBLICAN)
    E. Scott Hollenbeck (REPUBLICAN)
    Jeffrey B. Jones (REPUBLICAN)
    Samuel H. Jones (REPUBLICAN)
    Robert A. Kurland (REPUBLICAN)
    Karen Martin Leatherwood (REPUBLICAN)
    Joe Leeman (REPUBLICAN)
    Jennifer Mateer (REPUBLICAN)
    Bill McKeel (REPUBLICAN)
    Peggy Neville (REPUBLICAN)
    Melissa Rectanus (REPUBLICAN)
    Aaron M. Scanlan (REPUBLICAN)
    Krista Schultz (REPUBLICAN)
    Jason R. Sidock (REPUBLICAN)
    James J. Sivigny (REPUBLICAN)
    Deborah A. Thomas (REPUBLICAN)
Board of Education (Vote for 3)
    Tara Battaglia (REPUBLICAN)
    Patricia Ann Dorsey (REPUBLICAN)
    Amanda Jozkowski (REPUBLICAN)
    James Miller (REPUBLICAN)
    Pat Sands (REPUBLICAN)
    Tom Scanlan (REPUBLICAN)
    Katie Speert (REPUBLICAN)
    Steve Whisler (REPUBLICAN)